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Our History

From our modest beginnings as a single-port marine fuel operation, to our present stature as a driving force in the purchasing and distribution of shipping fuel, commercial marine lubricants and other supply chain-reliant products, The Plaza Marine Group continues to evolve through intuitive leadership.

The Plaza Marine Group was founded in 1989 as Plaza Marine, by Peter M. Proscia, who remains our President and CEO. The first supply point was located in New York Harbor. Citing opportunity stemming from necessity, Plaza Marine was incorporated by Plaza Marine Group to extend services beyond its original port and, in 1996, entered the physical supply market with the formation of Plaza Storage. In 2002, the supply positions were expanded to include ports in Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD and Norfolk, VA. After solidifying our barge partnership for deliveries in New York Harbor, Southern Marine Fueling was created in 2009 for operations in Florida. In 2010, The Plaza Marine Group merged with Harbor Petroleum, leading to the formation of HP Consolidated. This milestone merger elevated The Plaza Marine Group into prominence as a major independent supplier for both shallow and deep draft vessels.

Today, our intense drive for providing high quality, cost-effective and environmentally-conscious solutions to our clients is stronger than ever.

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