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About Us

As so many customers already have learned, the more you know about The Plaza Marine Group, the more you will appreciate all we can do for you.

The Plaza Marine Group has grown commensurately along with industry needs, product innovations and the environmentally sound means by which to deliver them. As a company offering a broad diversity of distribution, sales, storage and strategic planning services, our customers have come to know us as their “one stop shop” enabling welcomed cost savings along with a dramatic reduction in scheduling delays. The marine fuel and commercial marine lubricant products we offer are the finest obtainable.

The ports of supply we maintain are ingeniously positioned for maximum efficiency. The people we employ are second to none in their respective fields. But, for all our widely acclaimed skills and vast experience as an integral facilitator of the marine fuel supply chain, our most prized company asset is our undivided focus on each customer’s specific needs, regardless of their size, scope or complexity.

Today, the cost-saving advantages enjoyed by our customers transcend the industry-leading physical capabilities furnished at our ports. As both an active trader and purchasing agent of petroleum products, we have a pivotal edge in commodities market intelligence to develop the best possible pricing for our clients. No wonder that hundreds of clients continue to place their trust in The Plaza Marine Group.

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